Wednesday, 19 October 2011

second discursion

"a huge furiously crossed out something" Charles Simic.
Heidegger talks about the task of bringing "beings to word and appearance", if one of the tasks of this discursion is too bring an interpretative space to appearance, then it must be acknowledged that there is a fundamental contradiction at work. In the 'performance' of an interpretation, what is being performed will stand in the way of what is being seen. These thoughts and reflections will cast a veil across the artwork. In this moment of writing the artwork is 'used' as fuel to generate another entity, which will in turn grow in your mind, the imaginative space of you the reader. To look upon something is to create another thing, this is Heidegger's hermeneutic circle. What is being interpreted is only known because of its absence, its diminishing visibility between these few words.

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