Thursday, 20 October 2011

fourth discursion

"the notion of strategic critique where the criteria for making judgements are discovered or invented through the course of criticism". P18 site-writing, Jane Rendell.

Interpretation and criticism as a slow, patient and gradual realisation of an idea, a plotting out, a playing out, and extended bringing to being of something. This something could be an 'idea', a set of social relations or a methodology to be worked out in another situation. But how does this process of bringing to being, "bringing to word or appearances" work, is there a methodology that could be placed in words and applied across different situations? Is there a method to bringing an idea to light? Or is the calling forth of an intuition a theatre of chance and happy accident? Vilem Flusser in his "Into the Universe of Technical Images" talks about how programmable media are designed to make the improbable happen, to hasten the movement from intuition to embodiment. For Flusser the realisation of ideas becomes an almost designed process, rooted in the black box of the camera, the computer, the network society. But perhaps the finding, the dragging out, the digging up, of an idea is more like taking soundings, a plumbing of depths, discovering how deep the water is, a marking out of the maximum dimensions of the invisible by touch, of charting the volume and mass of the idea.

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