Thursday, 20 October 2011

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Last night, the Exhibitions team, the artists and us writers had an evening meal and the first chance to let our hair down as a group. Discussions, strategy and planning continued this morning over breakfast and it was decided that neither we nor the artists were interested in leading this afternoon’s 17:00 Salon; we would both rather continue with our work. The performance is due to open to the public at 19:00 tomorrow, perhaps the session could be led by the MFA students and their impressions of the week thus far?

An interesting element to arise from last night’s Salon was how the artists were entirely unaware of what our intended were to be. David asked about the nature of our process, Sam was concerned about whether and how our work would impact the performance, Bruce welcomed the fact that it could. Fundamentally, and this also arose from the fact that the artists were disappointed in yesterday’s rehearsal, it seemed that the notion of their authorship being undermined by factors including expectation, the audience and ourselves could have an adverse effect on the unintentional intentionality of their working process.

I’m very aware that the above text makes a clear distinction between ‘us’ and ‘them’, which is the case to an extent but we are now coming to a point where our paths will converge further, and it would help if we could use the time apportioned for the Salon to make this happen.

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